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There's No Shortcut To Losing Weight.

But the truth is simple.

If someone told you they had a great get rich quick scheme would you invest in it? 
 Hopefully not. However, as most people are opposed to get rich quick schemes, they are not to quick fix faddiets. Yet, both get rich quick schemes and fad diets are easy to find. This is because they are both about the same thing, trying to find a quick and easy secret to replace a slow and difficult truth.

The way to becoming rich is to save and invest. The way to becoming healthy is to eat healthier and exercise. Entire industries have grown up offering expensive and ineffective alternatives to the endless torrent of people trying to deny the obvious: The stuff that works isn't a secret.

The truth, however, can be shouted over and over again, and still can have no impact if people don't want to hear it. To save money, you hav…

Weight Loss Programs: Know These Four Key Elements For Success

Researching weight loss programs? You must understand these four success elements and look for them in any weight loss program you consider. Personally, I have tried everything from a vegetable soup diet, calorie counting, low fat/low calorie diets to the meat diet. I could not succeed with any of these for the long term and steadily gained weight over the years despite the fact that I would exercise regularly. Here are the four key elements that you must consider for successful weight loss. Any weight loss program that you consider should contain these key factors. Understanding What Makes Weight Loss Programs Work 1. Fat is not your enemy, rather your friend. So many diets, including the FDA food pyramid itself, instruct you to eat low fat foods and healthy fats only. Healthy fats such as extra virgin olive oil are great for you, but there is nothing wrong with a fat juicy steak, or heavy cream in your coffee, or melted butter on your steamed broccoli. I have personally eaten these f…

Healthy Diet For Life

Having established that your body needs a well balanced diet, with a good supply of carbohydrates, especially high - fiber foods, water vitamins and minerals, and a certain amount of protein, fat and bacteria, you need to know how to put it into practice. Much media attention is focused on foods that one should not have, yet there has been very little to tell women how they can use food to enhance their life rather than make it more difficult. Forget the labels; every figure is relative and food manufacturers are frequently very selective about what they tell you, making your task of deciding what is right for you an impossible one. Instead build your choices on the following guidelines.

Respect your mouth and body.
Get into the habit of only eating things that you like and need.
Before you put anything in your mouth, ask yourself three questions.

Do I want it?
Do I like it?
Do I need it?

If you want it and like it then go ahead and enjoy it, if you don’t why bother wasting the eating…

Melt Body Fat with Exercise

If you want to reduce your body fat, focus on increasing the amount of exercise you get rather than decreasing your food intake.
The leading experts now recommend that people who want to lose weight start increasing their physical activity. Just being more active in general (such as climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator, moving around instead of sitting still, sitting up instead of lying down as well as showing some excitement and enthusiasm instead of boredom), are things that more effectively burns calories and reduces body fat. Everyone seems to have lost sight of the value of being active. Consider this, a half-hour aerobic workout accounts for far less energy expenditure than our minute-to-minute movement in the office or at home.
People who diet without exercising often get fatter with time. Although your weight may initially drop while dieting, such weight loss consists mostly of water and muscle. When the weight returns, it comes back as fat. To avoid getting fatter…

Enjoy Wine and Avoid the Belly Fat

Once you gain an appreciation for wine, the experience of trying different varietals and learning of the various wine growing regions fuels the passion.